Our Approach

HNI Healthcare enables hospitals to achieve operational and financial success through the intersection of intelligent technology, well-organized processes, and empowered people. Our people, processes, and technology align physicians to hospital goals, and empower our clients in their transition to value-based care.

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Industry-Leading VitalsMD® Technology

  • Drives clinical work flow
  • Tracks and quantifies value
  • Implements process improvement into daily practice
  • Shares data with PCP, care team and hospital administrators throughout the inpatient continuum
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Experienced Management & Consulting Services

  • Offer smooth practice implementation and standardized protocols
  • Provide continual feedback to drive improvement via dashboard data
  • Cross-pollinate successes across programs
  • Align the inpatient “supply chain”
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When We Invest in Our Physicians, You Realize Significant ROI

  • Provide benchmark compensation and staffing
  • Supply physician leaders with resources
  • Maintain a role in governance
  • Establish a culture of transparency